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"One Revolutionary Thought Will Change Everything! 

 -Tony Evans

Author of "Secrets of The Wave Rider" and the 'Wave Rider Diaries"

       -Tony Evans 

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Just Not Good Enough...

We are advocates and supporters of Manned Intergalactic Expeditions. The Wave Rider Society's mission is to help stimulate discoveries by sharing knowledge and ideas. 


Roar and grounds tremble when our Rockets lift off for Space. Rockets opened doors to the dreams of those who gazed at Stars and imagined a Space journey loaded with adventure. We still need Rockets today and will in the future. However,  Intergalactic Space Exploration needs a New Wave of Energy to become a reality. 


From revolutionary ideas will come new technologies that will help us break the bounds of Rocket Propulsion.  We are beginning the Age of Space Exploration. To see distant Galaxies our  Intergalactic Explorers will need to achieve speeds many times the Speed of Light to travel the Millions of Light Years needed to reach them. The farthest Galaxies were recently measured at Billions of Light Years. 


Are natural explorers driven by an intense curiosity and a need for more knowledge. One  revolutionary thought will create a new evolution for mankind. We will make great discoveries and Ride the Waves. 

Will Intergalactic Exploration use Ant-Gravity and Negative Electromagnetic Impulses for Energy?  Is the Theoretical Physicist Miguel Alcubierre right? Alcubierre is known for his idea of "The Warp Drive: Hyper-fast travel within general relativity". Join us for a review of these ideas and others in our Monthly Review right here.

A New Energy Wave 

For Intergalactic Exploration will be found. The Wave Rider Society is new. Our Dreams are not. Join us and a New Wave of Dreamers intent on discovering Intergalactic Space Exploration Energy. Our mission is to gather and share important knowledge and ideas. Sign up for our Free Monthly Review.

"Free Wave Riders"

The Wave Rider Society in it's original Charter used the term "Free Wave Riders" to describe members of the Society that FREELY made the "Pledge of Life" on their "Sacred Honor". By making their pledge for a "Life of Purpose" Free Wave Riders are "Pledged and Dedicated"

Noted Scientist 

Stephen Hawking thinks there is a possibility the Earth may not be the same hospitable place in the future and we may need to move. The implications of that thought are enormous. Using a Rocket Propulsion system to move the Earth's population off this planet and finding another place to call home is really next to impossible. Does our planet have a life cycle? Will Intergalactic Space Exploration save us from extinction? 

There are thousands upon thousands of Dreamers, Visionaries and Scientist that are going to make great discoveries for Intergalactic Exploration. The Wave Rider Society is watching, listening, and then sharing new knowledge.  Knowledge is our Gateway to the Future.

Dedicated to the Advancement of Manned Intergalactic Expeditions

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​Warp Drive

But How?...

​There are a large number of people that think it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light. Of course, everyone knows the story of the Flat Earth Society. They were proved wrong and one day in the not to distant future a single person or group is going to announce that they have discovered a new wave or an amazing technology that cracks the code for Warp Drive. We are searching for new ideas that may prove to be the key to real Warp Speeds. Every month we post new articles in our Monthly Review. Sign-up to receive a copy it's Free.

Intergalactic  Exploration is Our Destiny....